Technical Developments


Technical Developments

Our works have become benchmark cases for the industry.


Technical Developments

At LINZ we do Project Management and for any project or process, and we develop content as well. We do so through our numerous technical offices. We call “technical offices” to the cross-functional support in special vertical sectors, such as Civil, Processes and IT Factory, among others. We provide permanent support, all the time in any time zone.

Civil Works and Infraestructure

Preventive controls and outside auditing

- Project control through standardized procedures: anticipation of problems

- Quality assurance by auditing processes in place.


Applied business intelligence (ABI)


E&P (Engineering and Procurement)

Integral management of infrastructure projects: Design -> Hiring, including full engineering.


Information modeling (IM and BIM)

Multidimensional modeling of:

- Initial requirements (among them, time, costs and resources);

- Infrastructure solutions for design, project operation;

- Multidimensional modeling for processes: manufacturing, logistics and administrative. Multidimensional analysis of information; simulations.


Regional planning

- Analysis, configuration and planning by regions to determine the best economic, social and environmental results.

- Prefeasibility/ Feasibility


Urban Masterplans  


Design and project




Structural Engineering


Fire Protection Engineering 


Electromechanical Engineering

- Electrical installations of power and low voltage currents.

- Generation: generators.

- Lighting installations. LED lighting reengineering.

- Thermomechanical installations/ HVAC


Thermal calculations and thermal efficiency


 Planning, programming and scheduling


Manufacturing and Logistics Processes

Process analysis and redesign

- Operations

- Administration

- Supply Chain

- Production and manufacturing

- Logistics

- Maintenance

- Quality


Lean manufacturing

- Manufacturing methodology and tools based on the Toyota production system.

- Process management of the ISO 9000 and QS 9000 certifications.

Technology and IT Factory

Architecture and platform selection


- IT architecture: Set of hardware, software, tools and processes that make business automation with clients and suppliers easier

- Scenarios and simulations

- Technology and safety management

- Information modeling (IM)

- Programming

- Project portfolio

- IT: Integrations and acquisitions

- Initiative management and demand management

- Office / Sharepoint programming and integration

Some of our Clients and End Users

We accompany our clients to turn each project into a successful experience.

We base our business on experience

Alberto Levy
“Linz and its people are the best example of what I call “contagious companies”. They are role models for organizations that stand out both for their professionalism and for the human values that bind them together. They are virtuous companies that nobody can stop admiring”.
Carlos Rozen, BDO Partner
“We work together with Linz on our Real Estate Consulting projects, both in the public and the private sectors. It is a top-level company, with professionals who have great knowledge in local issues and a significant capacity for international benchmarking”.
Changes are Innovations
that should be supported
by Project Management methodology.

Strategy – Innovation - Change – Project