Top Management Projects & Processes

Top Management Projects & Processes

Top Management Projects & Processes

Strategic Planning and Operational Alignment Projects and Processes


-Strategic Planning Project Management

-Strategic Planning: From Project to Process

-The PENTA MODEL: Five Pilars Integration: Strategy, Culture, Resources, Management & Markets

-Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals & Cultural Values Formulation

-Competitive Strategy: Competitive Advantages and Distinctive Competences

-Competitive Intelligence Appraisal: Aspirations, Stregths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Threats and Results

-Strategy Risk Analysis and Management

-Feasibility Appraisal & Strategic-Operational Risk Evaluation

-Corporate Portfolio Strategy: Diversification, Organic and Inorganic Growth and Strategic Resource Allocation

-Mergers & Acquisitions

-Integration of Acquired Businesses

-Integration of Financial, Economic and Competitive Appraisals of Major Investment Projects

-Command Dashboard and Situation Room

-Strategic Audit Interfuncional Process

-Strategy Formulation & Execution Alignment

-Strategic Thinking Skills Development

-Hoshin Methodology: Strategic, Operational, Tactical and Key Performance Indicators Alignment

-Competitiveness of Value Chains, Clusters and Districts

-Research, Development & Innovation Projects Management Office

-Strategy Execution Support

-Digital Competitive Strategy, e-Business & Digital Transformation

-Critical Issues & Strategic Priorities

-Growth & Innovation Activation & Acceleration

-Business Competitive Agility & Readiness

-Discovery, Ideation & Opportunity Mapping

-Business Model Design

-Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Trade (B2T) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Strategy integration


Performance Improvement Projects and Processes


-Management by Processes: From Vertical Perspective to Horizontal Perspective Integration

-Command and Control and Mision Command

-Organizational Structure Design

-CrossAction Model: Cross Optimization of Functional Areas

-Interactive Performance Improvement

-Transformation & Restructuring

-Performance Measures, Trends and Analytics

-Post-Merger & Acquisition Performance Integration

-Key Performance Indicators: Strategic SPIs, Operational OPIs and Tactical TPIs

-Business Process Reengineering – Changegineering

-Operational Effectiveness


Culture Alignment & Organizational Values Projects and Processes


-Sense Sharing

-Shared Vision, Change Management, Engagement & Cultural Transformation

-Transformational Leadership

-Leadership 360º, Team Playing, Teamwork and Teams Teamwork

-Human Capital: Group Integration & Individual Development

-Corporate Governance

-Family Companies Strategy and Management Improvement

-Organizational Culture & Distintict Values Development and Socialization

-Organizational Cognitive Appraisal & Alignment

-Internal Communications Strategy & Execution

-Cultural Integration of Acquired Businesses

-Training Seminars, Workshops & Conferences

-Stakeholders Alignment


Marketing, Corporate Identity, Branding & Positioning Projects and Processes


-Marketing Philosophy Internal Proliferation

-Brand Development and Positioning

-Corporate Identity Development and Positioning

-Growth & Innovation

-New Product/Service Development

-New Products/Services Introduction & Positioning

-Customer Experience Differentiation


Some of our Clients and End Users


We accompany our clients to turn each project into a successful experience.


We base our business on experience

Alberto Levy

“Linz and its people are the best example of what I call “contagious companies”. They are role models for organizations that stand out both for their professionalism and for the human values that bind them together. They are virtuous companies that nobody can stop admiring”.

Carlos Rozen, Socio BDO

“We work together with Linz on our Real Estate Consulting projects, both in the public and the private sectors. It is a top-level company, with professionals who have great knowledge in local issues and a significant capacity for international benchmarking”.

Changes are Innovations
that should be supported
by Project Management methodology.

Strategy – Innovation - Change – Project