Project Management

Project Management

We offer innovative proposals, creating solutions that exceed the expectations of each Client.

Project Management

Linz grows professionally among the process improvement platforms, the strongest disciplines of innovation and organizational transformation, and the Lean Project Management trends, optimizing the set of value flows inside the ecosystems in which the company operates.

Main Scope of Service


Planning, programming and scheduling

  -We manage projects by means of technology and professionals who are experts in different specializations: Constructions, Process Improvement and Technology.

-Creation of preventive and predictive alerts.

-Development of planning schedules.

-Integration of schedules and Masterplanning.

-Quality control.

-Procurement follow-up.  

Implementation of PMO’s in client companies

 -Implementation of the Project Management Office in Clients.

-Implementation of the start, planning, execution and follow-up processes in keeping with the maturity of the company in terms of Project Management.  

PMO Service for companies

 -PMO Service: Project Management Office (Setup & Ongoing)

-Project and program management.

-Project Portfolio management.

-Assessment and/ or optimization of PMO in companies.  

BPO - Hiring and procurement

 -Hiring outsourcing.

-Outsourcing procurement: Tendering, price collection, price request, technical and economic comparisons and final negotiations.  


Budget control

-Implementation of a budget control process for the different client projects and portfolios. 


-Investment curves.

-Analysis of CAPEX, OPEX and recurrent expenditures. 

-Acquisitions and sourcing. 

-Fixed assets. 

-Supply Chain management. 

-Integration of budget control. 


Project Management training

-Training on the different practices recommended by the PMI.

-Training for PMP certification.  

Change Management training

 -Implementation of a system to control and follow up on adjustments and modifications to each process in the project and/ or project portfolio.

-Development of a change methodology and model.

-Classification of change requests.

-Effective change.

-Change follow up.

-Urgent change requests.

-Change programming.

-Change assessment.  

Risk Management

-Identification, analysis and responsiveness to reduce potential impacts. 

-Risk assessment.

-Continuous management > Productivity. 

-Follow up of identified risks and addition of new risks.

-Risk integration records. 

-Crisis plans. 

-Contingency plans. 

-Simulations and improvements.    

Some of our Clients and End Users

We accompany our clients to turn each project into a successful experience.

We base our business on experience

Alberto Levy
“Linz and its people are the best example of what I call “contagious companies”. They are role models for organizations that stand out both for their professionalism and for the human values that bind them together. They are virtuous companies that nobody can stop admiring”.
Carlos Rozen, BDO Partner
“We work together with Linz on our Real Estate Consulting projects, both in the public and the private sectors. It is a top-level company, with professionals who have great knowledge in local issues and a significant capacity for international benchmarking”.
Changes are Innovations
that should be supported
by Project Management methodology.

Strategy – Innovation - Change – Project